Graduate Course Work (MAED)

Internship Courses

TE 801-Professional Roles and Teaching Practice I

Instructor: Professor L. Kirks
Semester: Fall 2006
        Taken during the internship year, this course offered ideas surrounding the ethical and professional roles of
a teacher. We were encouraged to take part and become part of our internship school's community.
Example of Coursework: 4th Grade Mathematics Unit (Measurement, Data, & Numbers)

TE 802-Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching Practice I

Instructor: Professor R. Wohl
Semester: Fall 2006
        During this course, we were asked to think through our own teaching practices in relation to inquiry-based,
research-based instruction. We focused on designing and evaluating different studies in relation to teaching
practices. Educational issues based in the classroom and the community were also main focuses of this course.

Example of Coursework: 4th Grade Genre Unit: Legends

TE 803-Professional Roles and Teaching Practice II

Instructor: Professor R. Wohl
Semester: Spring 2007
        In this course, we were exposed to ideals involving the community and school in regards to how strategies can
be used to support student learning and growth. Best practices were used to discuss how these ideas are used
within the classroom. Special education was also kept in focus, looking at accommodations made for students within
the classroom.

Example of Coursework: 5th Grade Classroom Economy Unit

TE 804-Reflection and Inquiry in Teaching Practice II

Instructor: Professor J. Gabrys
Semester: Spring 2007 
        Throughout the exploration of inquiry-based science lessons, this course delved into the critical issues that
teachers and educators face in today's society. This course also had a glance of data collection, analysis, and

Example of Coursework: 3rd/4th Grade Science Unit: Forces and Motion

Required Elementary Education Courses

ED 800-Concepts of Educational Inquiry

Instructor: S. Weiland
Semester: Summer 2009
        This course offered many different learning experiences in regards to educational theories based in inquiry.
With a strong focus on the history and philosophies of education, we were able to evaluate the effectiveness of
theories of intelligence, history, biography, and ethnographic participant observation.

Example of Coursework: ED 800-Using Participant Observation

EAD 870-Capstone Seminar

Instructors: Professor Dr. M. Koehler
Semester: Spring 2011
        With the capstone course, our main focus was creating a web portfolio. This creation allowed us to reflect on
our master's coursework, professional aspects of our career, and well as considering our future as educators.

Example of Coursework:

P-12 School and Postsecondary Leadership Courses

EAD 801-Leadership and Organizational Development

Instructor: G. Jennings
Semester: Summer 2009
        This course dealt with the wide array of challenges that face today's school leaders including roles and
responsibilities. The course is developed to offer support and ideals to assist leaders with challenges both in
regards to principals, department heads, teacher leaders, and community leaders.
 Example of Coursework: EAD 801-Encompassing Characteristics of Leaders

EAD 867-Case Studies in Educational Leadership

Instructor: M. Amey
Semester: Summer 2010
        Through examination of case studies, this course helped develop a deeper understanding of what leadership
truly means to me. By delving into rich texts, I was able to look at what I value in a leader and what I hope to
portray as a future leader. The case study aspect of this course provided examples of exemplary leadership as well
as leadership examples that could offer improvements.
Example of Coursework: EAD 867-Individual Leadership Philosophy

EAD 882-Semi Educational Administration

Instructor: B. Meloche
Semester: Fall 2009
        This course offered the straining idea of the many issues that may arise for any given leader. Not only did the
discussion of issues center this course, the aspects of over coming these challenges was a large focus of this course.
Personal leadership challenges were looked at and solutions were considered, tested, and examined.
Example of Coursework: EAD 882-Personal Leadership Challenge

Elective Courses

CEP 832-Educating Students with Challenging Behaviors

Instructor: E. Oka
Semester: Spring 2010 
        This course offered classroom management strategies for students who demonstrate "behavioral issues" that
are seemingly challenging within the classroom. Types of behaviors examined were: aggressiveness, oppositional,
hyperactivity, and social withdraw. Research-based practices were studied in which a case study was facilitated
in regards to specific strategies. The importance of parent-teacher communication and involvement were also
stressed in this course.
Example of Coursework: CEP 832-Case Study Summary and Reflection

TE 846-Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners

Instructor: G. Li
Semester: Fall 2010
        Taken to further my advancement toward my professional certificate, this course offered a wide variety of
information regarding literacy learners in today's school system. The course offered federal and state policy as
well as best practices in reading and writing instruction. A culminating case study was completed to by conducting
various strategies learned throughout the course.
Example of Coursework: TE 846-Literacy Portfolio