Professional Resume

Melissa A. Gucker

To motivate the young minds of students by introducing them to a world filled with the love of learning.


Michigan State University
Masters of Education (MAED)
P-12 School and Postsecondary Leadership
East Lansing, Michigan, May 2011

Michigan State University
Fifth Year Teaching Intern Program
East Lansing, Michigan, August 2006-May 2007

Michigan State University
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Elementary Education
Teaching Major: Social Studies
East Lansing, Michigan,
May 2006

Michigan Elementary Provisional Certificate
K-5 All Subject Areas
6-8 Social Studies
May 2007

Teaching Experience
Challenger Elementary School-3rd Grade Teacher
Howell, Michigan
Grade: Third
August 2007-present
-assume lead teacher responsibility in planning, teaching, assessing, and managing a fourth grade classroom 
-prepare lessons in all subject areas with differentiated instruction for multiple intelligences meeting the Michigan Grade
Level Content Expectations
-utilize grade-level differentiation for the entire fourth grade with team-teaching in both mathematics and literacy
-coordinate Professional Learning Communities in which grade levels meets to develop curriculum and evaluate students learning targets based on data collection
-establish a cooperative learning environment and present appropriate management strategies in the classroom
-facilitate whole class literacy instruction including both Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop
-conduct MLPP and Everyday Mathematics assessments and use collected data to differentiate instruction
-communicate with parents to inform them of their child’s curriculum expectations and experiences
-collaborate with special needs teacher in order to effectively meet the needs of all children within my classroom
-active member in our school Instructional Consultation Team

Deerfield Elementary School –Internship
Novi, Michigan
Grade: Third/Fourth
August 2006-May 2007

-constructed and implemented literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies units based upon standards and benchmarks
-developed a genre-based reading unit that differentiated instruction to accommodate all learners through the use of multiple intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy
-facilitated a student-lead multicultural book club
-drafted and administered an Understanding by Design mathematics unit on using numbers and organizing data
-implemented Words Their Way activities to help familiarize students with word patterns, phonics, and spelling
-organized and participated in curriculum night, fall conferences, and spring student-led conferences
-coordinated a K-4 at-home reading extension program entitled "Bee a Deerfield Reader"
-guided small group reading instruction for students at various reading levels as part of a balanced literacy program
-integrated technology into the curriculum by using technologies such as streaming video and web quests

Substitute Teacher
Novi, Michigan
October 2006-May 2007

Teaching-Related Experience
AAU Youth Volleyball Coach
Livingston County, Michigan
Howell Freshman Campus
January 2008-July 2008
-prepared practices based off of various techniques to help reach the needs of each individual player on the team
-arranged practices in a team-coaching situation where players were shared to maximize instruction

Private Tutor
Lansing, Michigan
Novi Public Library
Summer 2007-2009
-facilitated student’s successful completion of homework assignments
-gathered materials and developed mini-lessons to help extend the student’s knowledge of subjects taught in school

Read to Succeed Site Supervisor
Lansing, Michigan
Deer Run Multicultural Living
August 2005-May 2006
-offered various techniques for tutors to aid in instructing their students to improve literacy skills
-acted as a communicator between tutor and student

Youth Counselor/Youth Coach
Dexter, Michigan
Creekside Elementary School
Fall 1998-Spring 2002
-organized and conducted weekend basketball and volleyball camps with students ages 5-15
-used management techniques when instructing small groups of children

Professional Development
Reader’s Workshop Seminar, Howell, Michigan, August 2010
Barry Lane Writer’s Workshop Seminar, Howell, Michigan, August 2010
Collaboration: General/Special Education Training, Howell, Michigan, August 2008-present
Instructional Consultation Team Training, Howell, Michigan, August 2007-present
Visual Thinking Strategies Seminar, Howell, Michigan, August 2007
MLPP Certified, Oakland County, Summer 2007
American Heart Association Adult, Child, and Infant CPR/First Aid Certified, Novi, Michigan, 2007
Morning Meeting Seminar, Novi, Michigan, February 2007
Professional Learning Communities Member, Novi, Michigan, Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Multicultural Book Club Seminar, Novi, Michigan, November 2006
Michigan State University Legal Issues Seminar, Birmingham, Michigan, November 2006
Special Education Conference, East Lansing, Michigan, October 2006
Karen Bailey "Unpacking the Benchmarks," Novi Michigan, August 2006

Proficient in: Powerschool, Data Director, digital camera software, Data Director, Excel, Email, internet application,
internet research, PowerPoint, Publisher, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, webpage design, computerized
attendance, and use of scanners

Honors and Achievements
Graduated Summa Cum Laude with High Honors, East Lansing, Michigan, Spring Semester 2006
Golden Key International Honor Society, East Lansing, Michigan, September 2005-present
Phi Kappa Phi International Honor Society, East Lansing, Michigan, March 2005-present
Student Michigan Education Association, East Lansing, Michigan, September 2004-present
Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society, April 2004-present
The National Honor Society of Collegiate Scholars, April 2004-present
The National Dean’s List, April 2004-present
Dean’s List, East Lansing, Michigan, Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, Spring 2005, Fall
2005, Spring 2006

*References available upon request*

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