Teacher Resources
A Collection of Teaching Related Websites

Teachers are always looking for additional resources to use with their students and in their classrooms.
Having the option to share and discover new online resources gives an educator a larger breath of
experiences for children to engage in. Please check back in, I am always in the process of adding new and exciting resources!


As many educators know, this website is full of a wide variety of teacher resources! From Book Clubs (in which one
can put together classroom book orders), to reproducibles for any subject/category imaginable, Scholastic is a great
website for teachers to keep in mind when looking for helpful information and ideas.

Scholastic Website

Beth Newinghams's Third Grade Classroom

Finding this website early on within my teacher career has allowed me to strive for more! She really has a wonderful understanding of the classroom layout as well as the curriculum. Not only does she offer many copies of the aspects
she uses within her classroom, she also has explanations of how to incorporate this in your very own classroom. I
love checking back to see what new ideas she has come up with!

Beth Newingham's Classroom Website

Dr. Robert Marzano (Marzano Research Laboratory)

Being exposed to Dr. Marzano's principles has really been an "eye-opener" for my teaching. Presented this information
via my principal, she has really been a large supporter of his findings. Although this website has a lot of advertisements for his products, it also has a "Free Resources" section. This section provides links, files, and ideas to use within any given classroom. Research-based instructional strategies are at the forefront of this site.
Marzano's Research Laboratory Website